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You can improve your English in many ways!
Here are some of the ways listed out to help you improve your English!

Do not be afraid of making mistakes, when you talk in English.

Take a test after each section to know the improvement.

You all have a way of learning that is best suitable for you, follow that. It can be anything, reading, speaking or writing.

If there is anything you do not understand feel free to ask someone; ask your teacher, classmates or friends for help.

It is assumed that people enjoy doing, what they love. Thus, they do not get bored doing the same thing over and over again. Love the English language and enjoy practicing frequently.

Do not get nervous while speaking in English. Be relaxed and speak confidently.

The more frequently you practice the more fluently you speak. Moreover it helps you to learn new-new words and be more proficient.

So practice every day and make it routine.

This will help you improve. Ensure you that you do all of this regularly.

Keep a note of all the new words that you have learnt and their meanings too.

Create an atmosphere that will encourage you to learn. Learn not because you have to learn but because you want to learn.

Make sure that you look in to what you have learnt, at regular intervals

Find words that are easier to remember, rather than concentrating on the difficult ones.

Go out, make new friends, meet new people and talk to them in English.

Read novels or comics. Some books are written especially for beginners, just refer them.

Every word has an alternate meaning, look for something which is easy to understand.

Try using English whenever and wherever you can.

So every time you think, try thinking in English! It’s your own little space to improve fluency.

Always keep an English newspaper or a magazine with you. Also, try writing something by your own and read it out loud to know your progress.

Catch hold of a friend who has a good command over the English language. The best way to learn English is to learn it from a friend, who will motivate and guide you.

For better learning, theory and practicals go hand in hand! Learning English is just like swimming, you don’t learn it until you practice and do it. Thus, try speaking in English as much as possible

There is no age or time factor to be considered, when it comes to learning something new, especially a new language.

Do not think about the accent like British, American, South African and so on. It is important to know that English is English and being grammatically right is more important than the accent.

Learn to differentiate between slangs and formal words acknowledged worldwide. It is ‘WHY’ and not just ‘Y’, it is YOU and not just ‘U’. To write a complete word is a little effort, but a quicker learning process.