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Resume Tips

What is a Resume?
• A resume must showcase that you are a serious job hunter!
• The term resume was used primarily in America. It replaced the Latin expression curriculum vitae (CV).
• A Resume is a detailed summary of a job aspirant’s education, achievements, skills, experiences and certifications.
• It acts as the first impression of a job applicant.

Why is a resume important?
• A Resume is a tool to market your abilities to a company. It is not just a document but a detailed history of your education, skills, interests and experiences.
• A resume helps the employer to know whether you as a candidate are capable of contributing to the company’s success.
• If you are a fresher and you are writing a resume for the first time; then quickly glance through the Resume writing Tips and Resume formats.
• Also, understand why it is important to have your resume updated, irrespective of the fact that you are a fresher or an experienced candidate.


A Resume is a document which specifies your skill-sets. Read the tips on how to write a resume and find out what all the important things to be mentioned are.

Resume formats


A Resume plays a major role when you are applying for any job. Take a look at the formats that will make it easy for you to prepare your resume and impress the interviewer.

Importance of updating your resume


An Interviewer will always want to view an updated resume of the jobseeker. Click to know the importance of an updated resume.

Know your mistakes in resume before hitting submit button

10 Ways to Catch Mistakes in Your Resume Before You Hit Submit

Here is 10 ways you can catch mistakes in your resume, meaning ones you can fix instantly and send a properly formatted resume to show them that you are the right person for the job.

Resume Storytelling - Best Strategies to Attract Recruiters

Creating a Storytelling resume is not about having story time to send the reader to sleep. But, storytelling resumes are like tiny action movies.