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Do’s and Don’ts

Do you have any idea of the Do’s and Don’ts in an Interview?
Your success in an interview does not only depend on doing the right things, but it also requires avoiding major mistakes.

Here are some tips/suggestions which may boost your chances of cracking an interview.

The Do’s in an Interview

1. Make sure that your hands are attractive. This means spotlessly clean with trimmed & clean nails.
2. Make sure your hair are not messy
3. Pay attention to your scent. Women with powerful perfumes and men with intense colognes can destroy interviews. Moderation is recommended.
4. Go to the restroom before you visit the employment

The Don’ts in an Interview

1. Don’t be late. Always plan to be early for any scheduled interview. Reaching late to the interview may lead the interviewer to doubt your promptness.
2. Don’t wear your casual clothes and slippers into an interview.
3. Don’t sit down until you are asked. The recruiter will not make you stand, but if you move quickly to your chair and sit down, you might appear disrespectful.
4. Don’t have anything in your mouth except for your teeth (no gum, no candies, no breath mints and no cigarettes (obviously!)
5. Don’t lean on or put your elbows on the interviewer’s desk. Sit back in your chair and sit erect.
6. Don’t carry an oversized handbag even if it is……….

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