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Importance of an Updated Resume

Can you keep your resume away and forget about it? Think again. Even if you are looking for job or not, but you should still know why you should update your resume immediately.
In fact, everyone should review their resume and keep it up-to-date no matter what, whether you would need it or not..
If you have still not rechecked your resume for now, then you should update your resume now:

1. Update skills and achievements
A resume is not just a list of skills, achievements, job titles and experience at different companies.
Your resume should contain detail info about what you’ve learnt, the skills you have acquired and the addition you’ve added to your career. Having a clear understanding of your career will help you make smart short-term and long-term plans for your career.

2. Self confidence boost
By revisiting your activities periodically, you will be able to know your own professional path and make sure the important points are updated in your resume. If you think that you can update your resume only when you’re looking for a job, you may forget about new skills because you acquired them very long ago. By keeping your resume up-to-date, you can see how you’ve grown even from a few months ago.

3. Understand yourself better
Every role you have been will be a reflection of who you are. ……………………

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