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10 Ways to Catch Mistakes

In The IT industry, when you apply for a job, know for sure that you will have plenty of competition. The recruiters too have a keen eye looking for the right candidate which can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. This means that they will throw away any resume that does not have the proper template without even looking at what is written in the resume. Isn’t it harsh? But, when there are so many people in competition with one another, they have got to have stringent screening system to narrow down the candidates they actually call for an interview.

If you think you are the right person for the job then you got to make sure, you do everything to the last detail as perfectly as possible. Here is 10 ways you can catch mistakes in your resume, meaning ones you can fix instantly and send a properly formatted resume to show them that you are the right person for the job.

Say no to copying resume from others

Do not ever try to copy or edit content in others’ resume formats. Each and every person has their own qualification, skills, experience, talent, and so on. Writing your resume yourself helps you know yourself better while giving you ideas on how to answer the “tell me about yourself?” question. Take a good look at just the format and recheck if the format you want to use is right for your experience level.

For many, it can be hard to change the errors as they appear. They get so much involved in writing the resume that can go on and on into the details or it can get done in a rush to submit before a deadline. Well, writing and editing as you write will never save your time but it can actually turn disadvantageous. For best results, don’t start editing before the first draft is done. It’s so much easier to edit all at once. Also, always maintain the same font and font size all throughout.

A resume is the most important thing; it’s basically you marketing yourself, so it is crucial that you at no point of time ignore grammar. Let grammar check be the top priority, even before you go into placing the content in a template. You do not want to risk sending your resume filled with grammatical errors as it can say a lot about your communication skills. Learn how to improve your grammar even before you go for an interview.

— Know the ways to improve your English and Grammar Skills

Compose first
fix the error once completed with composing

Once you are done with writing, read your resume from the point of view of an interviewer. Look through and see what sentences can be re structured to be more impressive. Be honest and forthcoming in your tone. A sure shot way in fixing all your errors is reading your resume in a scrutinizing way.

One of the best ways to fix all errors is to draft a resume and leave it for a day, then go back to modification. This method helps you get out of the resume writer, and look at it afresh with a new perception. This helps you spot errors quickly and more efficiently.

Getting your close one to read your resume may sound weird, but you get lot of suggestions and also their view on what is in the content. They can be your parents, siblings, friends, teachers or colleagues whom you can trust and be honest with you. Tell them to go through your resume as recruiter. And, it is a great way to get your resume in proper shape.

Always remember that not all facts you have mentioned in your resume will be right, some can convey a different message than what you intend. Your previous company name could’ve changed over the years, other details like the company address, website details could also have changed. So make sure you update the latest details of previous employers, college etc. The hobbies you have mentioned may not satisfy the recruiter, learn to include activities you are genuinely interested in and make sure you atleast know basics of your hobbies. Check them before showcasing them.

Once you start with editing then you may be confused on what to edit and what not to. It is always suggested not to sit and linger about the errors, but go and get help. Internet is a vast place and you will get someone, somewhere like I.T. Job Reddy to answer all your queries. Remember to re-check the advice you get before applying it.

Always do the spell check before submitting/applying the resume for any job. Make sure you give attention to all the auto suggestions before you change it. Some suggested words may not be suitable for sentence or the place you are using. Recheck the usage of suggested terms before using it.

Proofread (or modify) more than once, this will help you notice and correct a lot more errors. Doing this will also help you realize and pick some points mentioned in your resume that may not be necessary. Follow the sequence of steps:

1. For the first time check for spelling errors
2. Second for grammatical errors and
3. Then errors on facts mentioned, and any additions to be made, and so on.

It may be a long process, but it will really help you in fixing errors easily.